Be Better Than Before!
Be Better Than Before!

Financial Recovery After Divorce

Your Divorce Rapid Recovery Quiz says that your focus should be...

Working On Your Financial Health

Divorce Can Be Financially Devastating

Getting over the financial part of divorce is the toughest part in some ways.

You may feel that you can't rest for a moment to heal, when the light bill is due.  Your goal is to secure your finances as a quickly as possible. But, you don't know what to do.

You need a clear action plan to make sure that you have more than enough to meet your family's needs.

Be Better Than Before has the tools to help.
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Growing Your Financial Freedom

Be Better Than Before has the Recovery Resource Checklist.  We’ve compiled a list of the top resources for financial, counselling, education and other resources to help you in an emergency and to help you build your better life.

Plus, we help you find ways to build more wealth so that your new chapter is more secure that the last.

You've got the power to make this happen, one step at a time. Let's get to work! 👊

Your Pain Isn't Like Anyone Else's

Your path to healing shouldn't be the same either.


Believing that you will find love, getting past the pain of loneliness and getting your finances in a good place, is tough when you are going through a divorce. 

Millions of people have gone through the worst experiences imaginable to come out on the other side and be better than they were before.  You can too.

Be BEtter THan Before 800x800 (1080 x 1350 px)

We have a special price for you.

Feel better now! Take $60 off to start today. 

If you don't feel ready to start today, purchase the program, save the $60 and start when you are ready. Everything will be in your inbox waiting for you.  

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Helping you be better is kinda our thing.

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How Will This Guide Make You Better?

If you broke your leg...

You would get medical attention so that your broken bone would heal properly.  If you left it to heal on it's own (crooked or straight), you may never be the same.

With divorce your heart has been broken. Left on your own, you will heal over.  But, how you heal (crooked or straight) and how long you hurt depends on how you take care of your healing.

Just like with a broken leg, you can get help to heal properly, or you can do nothing and heal with permanent damage to your emotions, your family and your future.


Be Better Than Before

The good news is that you can also heal in a way that you are better than  before.  You will be different. But you can be BETTER.

Our goal with these lessons is to wake up the YOU that you were created to be.  You stronger, you wiser, you happier, you smarter, you more loving and you more prosperous.

Let this be the last second of the last day, that your broken family,  finances and broken heart, were not “set properly”.

Be Better Than Before   gives you an edge.

We actually help in three areas... Building Wealth, Getting the Pain to stop, and getting ready for new love.



Start getting better for only $37

Helping you be better is kinda our thing.

($37 pricing is applied at checkout for a limited time.)


Be Better Than Before  has helped people begin turning things around. You get a real plan with real goals to give you real results.  We give you a proven path to get you where you want to go.

We focus on helping you in these areas:

•  New Love • Security in Your Finances • Getting the Pain to Stop


You Get A Workbook - Keep it on your phone to read anytime. You get teaching that you can read on your own time, make notes and get the best tips to be smarter and wiser.

You Get  private audio lessons that help you heal on the go. Hearing real words from a real people who were exactly where you are right now.  Learn what they did to turn their situations around, so that you can get to your good place even faster.

You Get Even More.  We also include the immediately life-changing audio, "How to Heal From Heartbreak".  Even if you are the toughest person on the planet, you need this audio.

It's On-Demand:  Your Schedule, In The Privacy Of Your Own Home.  Before spending months at support groups, expensive therapy or worse yet, doing nothing but hurting, you can listen to the lessons, read the materials and start feeling better today (no masks needed).


It's Not Free.

But, waking up tomorrow feeling happier and more excited about the day, is priceless.

You've already gotten

  • Free advice from friends and family.
  • Seen free articles and watched free videos that don't work... 
  • nothing seems to change.
Be BEtter THan Before 800x800 (1)

Here's where your change really begins... if you choose to begin.


This program was developed by regular people, who got to the other side and want to share a faster, better path to happiness.

You have had gut wrenching days and nights. You think you’ll never get over it.

Honestly, some people never get over it. Or they get stuck in this heartbroken loop for a very, very, very long time. That is what changes your personality, your future, and the light in the eyes of your children.

Divorce does kill part of you.  Your dream of partnership with another person has died. Even if you weren't married,  losing that hope of partnership is a huge loss.

Reasons why you aren't better now can come from; loneliness, despair, humiliation, hatred, self-hatred, anger, frustration, hopelessness, sadness, torture, lack, broken dreams, separation, pain, pain and more pain.

But, you can get over divorce and be better than you were before.  You don't have to be stuck in pain. Start your divorce recovery.


Ready to start Being Better Than Before?

Be BEtter THan Before 800x800 (1080 x 1350 px)

We have a special price for you.

Are you ready to be better now or do you need to be in pain for a while longer?

  • I want to feel better now! Take $60 off to start today. We know you can do it!
  • I still want to hurt a bit more before I take action. Change can be scary, even when the change is for your good. Choose your good change today and save $60.

Don't feel ready to start today? Purchase the program, save the $60 and start when you're ready.

Everything will be in your inbox waiting for you.  

Start getting better for

only $37

Invest in YOUR Happier Self

($37 pricing is applied at checkout for a limited time.)


That's it.  We've laid everything out, made it easy for you to do at home, lowered the price because times are tough and we've given you the first step for free (quiz above). 

The next step is yours. This is where you do something to make things better or keep living life on repeat. 

We really hope you choose to get started.  Tomorrow can be amazing!  See you there.

This is our part to help you win.  We've put good tools in written and audio form to help you get back to good living.

Here's your part.  Click the button above to take the free quiz. Then purchase the lessons and follow them.  Learn at your own pace in your own time.

We've been there and you can get past this divorce.  Start your healing now.

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