Be Better Than Before!
Be Better Than Before!

Can Getting Over Divorce Be Easier?

I have been divorced for a few months now and I’m just starting to get the hang of my new life. At first, I thought divorce was going to be impossible, but it’s becoming an easier transition, surprisingly enough. My friends were there when I needed them most, my family is supportive of everything I need, and my children are doing well in the separation.

I think that there is really only one thing left that I have to worry about at this point, divorce recovery. My divorce is still very fresh in my mind and the pain isn’t over just yet. I was having a conversation with a divorce therapist recently when he told me that divorce recovery can be easier if you have the right support system around you.

I’m not sure that I agree with that statement. How can divorce recovery be easier if you have a good support system? Shouldn’t divorce recovery be harder because divorce is supposed to be hard? I thought I was just supposed to tough it out.

I’m really not sure how divorce recovery works, but I do know that there are certain things I need to do in order for it to work for me. First and foremost, I need to keep living my life. I can’t just stop doing the things that make me happy because divorce recovery is not yet over with. The divorce divorce may be final, but divorce recovery is still very much in progress for me and others like me.

Honestly, finding has been the most helpful. Getting tools that I can listen to on my own time and read over and over has made the biggest difference. I even follow their inspiring InstaGram posts to get a laugh when I need one.

However, divorce recovery works best when you have a good support system around you. It takes a lot of effort to remain positive in divorce, especially if you are the only one doing so. I always do my best to stay strong and happy, but sometimes that is just not an option. That’s where my friends come into play; they somehow manage to pick me up when I’m down and help me see the good in divorce.

Divorce recovery should not be a one-man show. My divorce counselor is always there for me if I need to vent, but sometimes you need to vent to your friends. Friends are someone who will listen and give you advice on how to get past divorce. You don’t have to deal with divorce alone. Make sure that you have resources and tools that can help.

Good luck with your journey!

-Divorced Denver Dad

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