Be Better Than Before!
Be Better Than Before!


Welcome. Good Things Begin Now!


You purchased Be Better Than Before, because you know that you're amazing and you want a little push to get that amazingness out to the world.  Get ready for some life-changing information.

But, before you get started I want to tell you a few things.

All Of This For You!

My desire is that your heart is made happy again, so that you can change the world!!!!! Honestly.

When I first got the idea to do this, it was because I kept meeting amazing people who were hurting, just like I had been.  But, they got stuck in the hurt and loss stage for too long.  I shared my story with as many people as I could. Letting people know how I moved into the best season in my life, after what I thought was the absolute lowest season of my life.  In each case, after a few conversations, most of the people that I shared with began to see that they could be the awesome person that they already were... but may have given up on.

That is my goal for you!


How To Heal From Heartbreak

by Cole Johnson

As you listen to the audio, let's get connected.  In the comments below, let me know what you've learned, and how it helped.

Free Audio

After you listen to the audio, lets get moving.

What did you learn from this audio and how will it help you heal?

If you are like I was, you are ready to get your life back... RIGHT NOW.

To help you keep going forward faster and healthier, this book offers the clear steps that helped me heal so much faster than I ever thought possible.  Now, I want to help you too.

"Cole, I'm not very religious."

No worries. The real life stories, tips to help you heal faster and information to help you be happier, smarter and even more prosperous are for EVERYONE.

STEP 2 - DOWNLOAD   Be Better Than Before!

When my ex-wife told me she wanted a divorce, I sat on the stairs of our home in disbelief.

I actually lived in my car for a few days.

I just didn't want to go back to my parents' house in failure or tell any of my friends that I was unwanted. (Yes, that's how I felt)

I lived for years being angry at the world, and most importantly myself.

It wasn't until I realized how much time I was wasting by being mad, hurt and bitter that I started seeking out how I could get better... faster.

Fast forward to now. I am happier than I've ever been. I've been happily married for 9 years to the love of my life.

The things I share in Be Better Than Before are the things I did and the plan that God laid out for me, to go from hurting to healing to happy.

Step 3 - Heal On the Go - 24/7  365

Change your outlook on life anywhere !

You also have access to private episodes of the Get Over Divorce Podcast

They will help you erase the stumbling blocks that can trap you in divorce hurt.  Listen anytime and anywhere.  Get real life-proven tips to:

  • Help you STOP HURTING and Feel HAPPINESS
  • Get a clear path to the God-Given life that you were created to live.
  • Learn simple yet super-effective actions that will help erase stumbling blocks giving you the path to leading your amazing life.

Access The Private Episodes Here

I Only Ask That You Do 4 Things

  1. Connect with me on Instagram herePop on and say hello. This page is your safe zone.
  2. Relax – You have chosen to invest your time and brain in making yourself better and more powerful.  As you read the book, meditate on what you learn and how it affects you.
  3. Share - Once you learn better, be better and share better.  When you see someone else in pain, offer them help.  It will make you feel better too.
  4. Be excited when you go to sleep tonight!  Make sure to share in the comments below or on Instagram.  I look forward to hearing your journey to joy.
Cole Johnson on Healing From Heartbreak And Divorce. He shows how to heal a broken heart and tips on divorce recovery

All of us need the right tribe to support our journey to the next level. Here's where you get yours - or the next person on your team... ME!


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