Be Better Than Before!
Be Better Than Before!


Thank You

Hi guys!

You purchased Be Better Than Before, because you know that you are amazing and you want a little push to get that amazingness out to the world.

Get ready for some life-changing information. But, before you get started I want to tell you a few things.


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All Of This For You!

I wrote this book in hopes that YOU would read it.  My desire is that your heart is made happy again, so that you can change the world!!!!! Honestly.

When I first got the idea to do this, it was because I kept meeting amazing people who were hurting, just like I had been.  But, they got stuck in the hurt and loss stage for too long.  I shared my story with as many people as I could, letting people know how I moved into the best season in my life after what I thought was the absolute lowest season of my life.  In each case, after a few conversations, most of the people that I shared with began to see that they could be the awesome person that they already were... but may have given up on.

That is my goal for you!

Cole Johnson on Healing From Heartbreak And Divorce. He shows how to heal a broken heart and tips on divorce recovery

I Only Ask That You Do 3 Things

  1. Connect with me on Instagram herePop on and say hello. This page is your safe zone.
  2. Relax – You have chosen to invest your time and brain in making yourself better and more powerful.  As you read the book, meditate on what you learn and how it affects you.
  3. Share - Once you learn better, be better and share better.  When you see someone else in pain, offer them help.  It will make you feel better too.

Be excited when you go to sleep tonight! 

You can read the first few pages (forward) now, but try to wait and start Start 1, first thing tomorrow morning. Try to spend a few minutes before your day gets started  to begin your joy reset!

I advise taking one lesson a day -first thing in the morning, because we are working on shifting your mindset. By motivating you early, you will be able to crush any negative stuff  and be pumped up to conquer the world for the entire day!

Keep a pen and paper at your bedside and write down your thoughts.

Make sure to share in the comments below or on Instagram.  I look forward to hearing your journey to joy.


P.S.  Even though the book is only 10 lessons, if you do the work, the results can last a lifetime!

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